Trousers: Pajama Style

Hi everyone! Trying something new today on the blog! That’s right, Pajama style trousers.  While I’m no stranger to edgy clothing; I admit, rockin’ this pant style caused quite a bit of buzz (in the form of stares, of course) ! Nonetheless, they feel super comfy and look really cool styled both casually and dressy!Photo Jul 27, 10 13 14 AM

Again, I  did receive a few stares while wearing them out and about! LOL!  However the funniest thing happened before leaving the house wearing them; my hubby  asked why was I wearing pajama pants to run errands.  My comeback, of course, was “these pants are totally in style”.  His smirk said quite the contrary! Anywho!!!  I plan to keep on rockin’ them and may add another post showing a few more pair!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll se Y.O.U. in the next blog!














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