Velvet Season

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing one of my new fall suits!  Unfortunately the suit sold out at Old Navy (boooooo) however, stores/brands offer velvet blazers and suits every fall/winter season. So finding anything in velvet shouldn’t prove too difficult.  Prior to selling out, Old Navy offered this suit in three colors: blue, black, and burgundy.  I immediately fell in love with the burgundy one, of course!



Blazer: INC International |  Blazer: Kensie  | Suit: Nyandcompany  | Blazer: Mango 

After opening the package and trying on the blazer, I discovered it’s made without shoulder pads. Usually a huge deal breaker for me, I decided to keep the blazer since it fits nicely.  I styled it with a button down shirt and vest without experiencing any tightness; yet another plus.  I plan to wear this suit to work and out to functions for years to come!

Thanks for stopping by!






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