Introducing Popz Topz

Hi Everyone!  I know I’ve been missing in action from the blog for several months now; but I’m so glad to be back! Since then, I’ve experienced a few life changing events some great and some not so great; however life goes on!

A few weeks ago, Popz Topz contacted me to share their brand with my social media following.  So today,  I bring to you POPZ TOPZ!!!

The burning question:  What did you get if you blend a baseball cap with a straw hat?  The Answer: The concept/design of Popz Topz!  According to, the brand debuted in 2012 through founder, Ron Stephens aka Pop Legend or Popz (father to Grammy winning singer John Legend).  Popz, a gifted artist and tailor found his greatest inspiration with an old straw hat. He wondered, “What would that look like with a visor?”  He cut off the raggedy brim, took a baseball cap, chopped off the bill, and encased the bill in black leather. Finally, he sewed the bill onto the straw hat. At first, Popz was content to just wear his new hat around town. But, no sooner had he stepped out in his “remixed” hat, that people were asking…

“Man where’d you get that hat?”

Popz continued to design more style and eventually brought them to the open market.  I’m very pleased with each hat (my honest opinion) and thanks again to the POPZ TOPZ team for sending them.

As a hat connoisseur;  Popz Topz definitely compliments my style.  For starters, each hat fits very well (fit is very important to me..sigh!). The black hat , however, is my absolute favorite.  The style framed my face the best, as seen in the above photo. The top of the hat dimples in the center like a Fedora and fits like a loose baseball cap and I adoreeeeee a great fedoraaaaaa. LOL! I have a medium sized head with thick hair, so a large fits more comfortably.  Be sure to check POPZTOPZ.COM for size charts and styles.  Honestly, I plan to have these hats  on rotation!

IMG_5611 (1)


FullSizeRender (53)

FullSizeRender (52)

Thanks for stopping by,

xo, Rene!




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