Two Tone Mood

Welcome back everyone and thanks for following if you’re new to the blog!

From unpredictable Texas weather causing illness everywhere you turn to a busy work  and home life;  I’ve been on a much needed break from posing and posting on the blog and on social media.  However,  I’m super excited to be back to continue sharing my personal style and love for fashion.

I scored this fun summer J. Crew blouse via eBay a few months ago! Who loves a great eBay find? I certainly do!

Since warmer temps are officially here; I’ve had this blouse on repeat.  l love its classic and modest appeal making it quite easy to dress up or down. I’ve paired it with high waist pants, fun skirts and shorts of varying lengths.

For this post, I decided to pair it with navy shorts, a two tone band Panama hat, with two tone oxfords (lots of two tone going on here, LOL!). The shorts are part of…you guessed it.. A SUIT!!!! I’ll post a look with the navy suit soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll  see you on the next blog!

Rene 🙂





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