Heels + Socks

Heels + Socks

Hi Everyone!  Two items you’ll find in almost every woman’s wardrobe: a pair of heels and a variety of socks. Pairing these two together, for most, would feel a bit too much. But interestingly enough, the two have made their way to some of the most notable fashion houses and runways and styled in some of the  most fun ways.

I absolutely love this style; especially when I want to my look to stand out a bit. frequently! Below you’l find some of the ways of I’ve paired the heels +socks look with my outfits! I hope you enjoy!

Look #1 Blazer: J Crew // Skirt: A fluke skirt from some random website (LOL!)//  Dance Socks: Forever 21 (sold out)   Heels: Forever 21


TIP 1:  Pair the two to make a statement; an expensive one too! I bought two pairs of dance socks ( a pair under the knee and a pair “over- the-knee”) on the Forever 21 website for $3 each. Add your favorite pair of heels and you’re all set!

TIP 2: To achieve the above sock look without purchasing dance socks, take a pair of knee socks and simply cut from the toe section to at least to the middle of your foot, then pair with your favorite pair of heels.


Check out a few of my favorite pinned looks from Pinterest for more ideas.

Be sure to comment below or tag your looks on social media.  I’d love to see how you rock it!

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Women in Suits on BuzzFeed

Women in Suits on BuzzFeed

I’m always thrilled to receive acknowledgment for my style.   Last week, Buzzfeed video contacted me for permission to use my photos in a video featuring women in suits. Of course, I jumped around the room like a kiddo then calmly gave them the green light.  Check out the video and thanks for watching!



View video here 


Summer Suits Series

Summer Suits Series

Hi Everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying this blazin’ summer thus far!  If you follow my  social media pages, you definitely know I rock suits year around.  So the last week of June, Zara.com started their end of season sale, and let’s just say, I bought a shopping cart full which included mostly suits.  There were sooooo many to choose from that unfortunately, I  HAD to settle with just 3 (green, red, and pink).  I’m in the process of shooting the red one, but I simply adore the pink double breasted one which looks a bit zoot suit-ish!  IMG_2251



Hat: J Crew  Suit: Zara  Tee: J Crew Tote: Target Shoes: Hardy

Accessories: Earrings (J Crew)  Scarf (Forever 21) 


“That” Gingham Blazer

“That” Gingham Blazer

Hi Everyone!

Do you ever fixate on things you want? Well, I certainly do! A prime example, this navy blue gingham blazer. We (the blazer and I) first made contact on J Crew’s website a few months ago, and I fell in love.

For starters, This baby embodies two of my favorite things rolled into one: A tux cut blazer + gingham print.   

The blazer remained in my shopping cart until it I saw the 30% off banner flashing at the top of the site.  I purchased it and I’m so thrilled! I’m a size 2 in J. Crew blazers and it fits perfectly!  It even looks better in person.

For this post, I created a  “matchy matchy” look: White shorts, a white button down, a black skinny tie, and of course, the blazer!  To help pull the look together,  I added a black faux fur clutch which matches the colors and textures on the hat, the blazer lapels ,and the straps on the pumps.  Be sure to leave a comment below!


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Introducing Popz Topz

Introducing Popz Topz

Hi Everyone!  I know I’ve been missing in action from the blog for several months now; but I’m so glad to be back! Since then, I’ve experienced a few life changing events some great and some not so great; however life goes on!

A few weeks ago, Popz Topz contacted me to share their brand with my social media following.  So today,  I bring to you POPZ TOPZ!!!

The burning question:  What did you get if you blend a baseball cap with a straw hat?  The Answer: The concept/design of Popz Topz!  According to Popztopz.com, the brand debuted in 2012 through founder, Ron Stephens aka Pop Legend or Popz (father to Grammy winning singer John Legend).  Popz, a gifted artist and tailor found his greatest inspiration with an old straw hat. He wondered, “What would that look like with a visor?”  He cut off the raggedy brim, took a baseball cap, chopped off the bill, and encased the bill in black leather. Finally, he sewed the bill onto the straw hat. At first, Popz was content to just wear his new hat around town. But, no sooner had he stepped out in his “remixed” hat, that people were asking…

“Man where’d you get that hat?”

Popz continued to design more style and eventually brought them to the open market.  I’m very pleased with each hat (my honest opinion) and thanks again to the POPZ TOPZ team for sending them.

As a hat connoisseur;  Popz Topz definitely compliments my style.  For starters, each hat fits very well (fit is very important to me..sigh!). The black hat , however, is my absolute favorite.  The style framed my face the best, as seen in the above photo. The top of the hat dimples in the center like a Fedora and fits like a loose baseball cap and I adoreeeeee a great fedoraaaaaa. LOL! I have a medium sized head with thick hair, so a large fits more comfortably.  Be sure to check POPZTOPZ.COM for size charts and styles.  Honestly, I plan to have these hats  on rotation!

IMG_5611 (1)


FullSizeRender (53)

FullSizeRender (52)

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Stylish Ways to Wear Oxfords

Stylish Ways to Wear Oxfords
I consider OXFORDS, not to be confused with the university or the classic button down shirt, the most stylish shoe on the planet. Witnessing my dad’s extensive collection as a kiddo definitely influenced my love for the shoe.  I even started my own collection as a preteen and continue to collect different styles today. I totally confess that this is the primary reason I’m running out of closet space.
Color block lace ups!
Photo Sep 03, 1 05 35 PM
Patent leather lace ups
Hey, let’s face it, I’ll wear oxfords with almost anything!!! From the traditional suit to dresses and with casual looks like jeans and t-shirts to shorts in warmer weather;  I’ll forever have a love affair with oxfords.
Patent leather style lace ups (a totally different pair…LOL)
Back to Basic Black
White lace up brogues!!!
Oxfords with kilties!
Of all the shoes I rock, I receive the most compliments and inquiries while wearing them. So trust me and invest in a few pair,you won’t regret it! I assure you they’ll never “go out of style”.  Check out my favorite oxfords pins on Pinterest link HERE!
More shots of my oxfords collection!
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My Inspired Gucci Look

My Inspired Gucci Look

Hi everyone!  Gucci’s Fall 2016 line inspired me so much that  I think I’ve pinned almost every look available.  Celebrities from One Direction’s Harry Styles to street style stars like Julia Sarr-Jamois sport the brand.  Honestly, I’m old enough to remember the “Gucci Logo”  craze in the 80’s and 90’s and believe me, I wasn’t too craz-yyyy about it.

Harry Styles in Gucci!
Julia Sarr-Jamois

Currently, the prints, the colors, the suits, and accessories in both menswear and womens wear …oh my…have me saving my coins to at least purchase something!   But until then, I found an affordable way to  make my ensembles look at bit more gucci-fied!


While perusing the hair care section of my local drug store, I noticed several large flowers available in different colors.  Attached to the back was a hair tie, a pin and a clip.. wow what versatility, right? In the following shot I attached the flower to the top of my shirt.




Rene Berry





I purchased this suit on sale at MANGO! I’m impressed that it’s almost an exact replica of the Gucci suit!

Pictures via Pinterest 

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone!  I feel abundantly blessed to see another year and for the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family!  I’m most excited to finally feel well enough  to style myself and shoot pictures for the new year.  A week before the Christmas holiday I battled the flu and was totally down for the count.


The perfect NYE weather here in Texas motivated me to dress more casually for the night’s festivities. A very nice neighbor invited the hubby and I  to a small NYE get together.  Guests had the option of hanging inside or out on the patio. So my choice of outfit worked out well.  I wore a Panama hat, a long sleeved shirt, a vest, ankle length trousers, menswear style oxford shoes, and of course, minimal make up (red lippies).

I previously mentioned on Instagram that I never make New Year resolutions. I firmly believe that waiting until Jan 1 each year to set goals or to improve/make changes to ones life means ones focus or goal setting may not be as concrete as it should be.  Setting goals  and working towards them with sure fire diligence definitely brings favorable results.

Thanks a million for those who take time to follow my blog  as well as like and comment on social media. Again, thanks for your desire to see more of what I love doing in this new year.

I know my style is a bit different; however  I feel truly  blessed and  honored to have a platform to share my most favored hobby: fashion/style. I started this journey as a kiddo, collecting my favorite looks from newspapers and magazines.  I dreamed about modeling and moving to NYC; but never did.  I labeled it as a missed opportunity or a dream unfulfilled.  Never in a million years would I have a imagined life coming full circle providing this opportunity to share my love of fashion and style (while modeling too..LOL) with individuals around the world and from all walks of life.


Unlike a New Years resolution, my goal for 2017 is to continue bringing my style to the forefront and to support others on this journey as well. I wish each of you a blessed and prosperous NEW YEAR! Happy 2017!


Rene B.





My New Favorite Pair of Jeans

My New Favorite Pair of Jeans

Hi everyone! Have you ever found what you consider the perfect pair of jeans? Well, years ago I picked up a random pair of skinny jeans at Target without trying them on!  I fell head over heels for those jeans and ended up wearing them until their death! LOL!

Shortly thereafter,  I began a mad hunt for a reasonably priced pair but had been unsuccessful! However, I did find these beauties on sale at H&M.  Although a bit higher rise than I’m accustomed to, so I gambled and ordered them online!


I consider these my new “go to” pair! I’ve styled them with different looks from the casual tee and sneakers to run errands to a dressier look with a blazer and heels for a girls night out or a date night with the hubs!   After several washes, I report no visible signs of  shrinkage or color change.  So…Yippy! photo-dec-12-4-46-20-pmCheck out a few similar pairs I’m loving right now.  The jeans I’m wearing Here | More styles  Here | Here | and Here|

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Affordable Fall/Winter Scarves

Affordable Fall/Winter Scarves

Hi everyone!  To complete cold weather ensembles this season, simply add a scarf.  Large selections online definitely make your search easier.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts; I shop 100% online.  Weekend and holiday crowds, pesky sales people, picked over clothing, and that awful blaring music seriously deters me from even thinking about a mall. Now I’m not adverse to shipping items to stores to save on costs every now and again. In this shot I’m wearing a popular plaid scarf seen season after season.




Check out similar styles here, here, and here plus a few that I’m loving right now.. here |  here | here | here |

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