Affordable Fall/Winter Scarves

Affordable Fall/Winter Scarves

Hi everyone!  To complete cold weather ensembles this season, simply add a scarf.  Large selections online definitely make your search easier.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts; I shop 100% online.  Weekend and holiday crowds, pesky sales people, picked over clothing, and that awful blaring music seriously deters me from even thinking about a mall. Now I’m not adverse to shipping items to stores to save on costs every now and again. In this shot I’m wearing a popular plaid scarf seen season after season.




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   I’ve got scarves and boots from 1970 that I still wear. – Steven Tyler

Wear scarves as an inexpensive way to amp up your look.  Available in multiple prints and colors; style them in various knots around the neck or on your wrist as a bracelet.

Check out the style gallery below for ideas of how to style and  wear scarves.

scarves3 scarves4

scarves5 scarves6

scarves8 scarves9

Scarves worn as bracelets!   How cool!!!

scarves18 scarves16 scarves17 scarves15

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