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From unpredictable Texas weather causing illness everywhere you turn to a busy work  and home life;  I’ve been on a much needed break from posing and posting on the blog and on social media.  However,  I’m super excited to be back to continue sharing my personal style and love for fashion.

I scored this fun summer J. Crew blouse via eBay a few months ago! Who loves a great eBay find? I certainly do!

Since warmer temps are officially here; I’ve had this blouse on repeat.  l love its classic and modest appeal making it quite easy to dress up or down. I’ve paired it with high waist pants, fun skirts and shorts of varying lengths.

For this post, I decided to pair it with navy shorts, a two tone band Panama hat, with two tone oxfords (lots of two tone going on here, LOL!). The shorts are part of…you guessed it.. A SUIT!!!! I’ll post a look with the navy suit soon, so stay tuned!

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Heels + Socks

Heels + Socks

Hi Everyone!  Two items you’ll find in almost every woman’s wardrobe: a pair of heels and a variety of socks. Pairing these two together, for most, would feel a bit too much. But interestingly enough, the two have made their way to some of the most notable fashion houses and runways and styled in some of the  most fun ways.

I absolutely love this style; especially when I want to my look to stand out a bit. frequently! Below you’l find some of the ways of I’ve paired the heels +socks look with my outfits! I hope you enjoy!

Look #1 Blazer: J Crew // Skirt: A fluke skirt from some random website (LOL!)//  Dance Socks: Forever 21 (sold out)   Heels: Forever 21


TIP 1:  Pair the two to make a statement; an expensive one too! I bought two pairs of dance socks ( a pair under the knee and a pair “over- the-knee”) on the Forever 21 website for $3 each. Add your favorite pair of heels and you’re all set!

TIP 2: To achieve the above sock look without purchasing dance socks, take a pair of knee socks and simply cut from the toe section to at least to the middle of your foot, then pair with your favorite pair of heels.


Check out a few of my favorite pinned looks from Pinterest for more ideas.

Be sure to comment below or tag your looks on social media.  I’d love to see how you rock it!

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My Inspired Gucci Look

My Inspired Gucci Look

Hi everyone!  Gucci’s Fall 2016 line inspired me so much that  I think I’ve pinned almost every look available.  Celebrities from One Direction’s Harry Styles to street style stars like Julia Sarr-Jamois sport the brand.  Honestly, I’m old enough to remember the “Gucci Logo”  craze in the 80’s and 90’s and believe me, I wasn’t too craz-yyyy about it.

Harry Styles in Gucci!
Julia Sarr-Jamois

Currently, the prints, the colors, the suits, and accessories in both menswear and womens wear …oh my…have me saving my coins to at least purchase something!   But until then, I found an affordable way to  make my ensembles look at bit more gucci-fied!


While perusing the hair care section of my local drug store, I noticed several large flowers available in different colors.  Attached to the back was a hair tie, a pin and a clip.. wow what versatility, right? In the following shot I attached the flower to the top of my shirt.




Rene Berry





I purchased this suit on sale at MANGO! I’m impressed that it’s almost an exact replica of the Gucci suit!

Pictures via Pinterest 

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Corduroy For the Win!

Corduroy For the Win!

Hi everyone!  Sharing my latest score on the blog today! CORDUROY…that’s right!  A former 1970s staple and I should know,because every winter my mom provided me and my bro a new pair of trousers or overalls in the fabric. I guess parents during that time felt corduroy was THE  BEST FABRIC to keep kiddos warm during the winter.  LOL!


The blazer caught my eye first on J  and after perusing the pants section , I noticed a pair in the same blue.  Yay!  I now have a blue corduroy suit for the season!





Both pieces arrived and I couldn’t wait to try them on!  Once on, I noticed the blazer was a slightly lighter blue shade than the pants.  I’m not too heartbroken about this as it still creates an amazing suit and I absolutely love this shade of blue.

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Trousers: Pajama Style

Trousers: Pajama Style

Hi everyone! Trying something new today on the blog! That’s right, Pajama style trousers.  While I’m no stranger to edgy clothing; I admit, rockin’ this pant style caused quite a bit of buzz (in the form of stares, of course) ! Nonetheless, they feel super comfy and look really cool styled both casually and dressy!Photo Jul 27, 10 13 14 AM

Again, I  did receive a few stares while wearing them out and about! LOL!  However the funniest thing happened before leaving the house wearing them; my hubby  asked why was I wearing pajama pants to run errands.  My comeback, of course, was “these pants are totally in style”.  His smirk said quite the contrary! Anywho!!!  I plan to keep on rockin’ them and may add another post showing a few more pair!

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How to Create Multiple Style Looks

How to Create Multiple Style Looks

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m sharing a simple style tip to show you how to create multiple style looks! I start with a monochrome base look (for me, black is a must!) then choose jackets, hats, and shoes accordingly!Photo Sep 01, 9 12 31 PM

Start with a monochrome base look!


Look 1–  I added a boater hat, large frame sunnies, white oxfords, and a trimmed blazer (the white in the blazer works with the oxfords).

Back to Basic Black

Look #2– This look focuses on texture! With the same boater hat, I added a faux leather jacket and shoes.  The silver chromed “sunnies” tie in well and even picks up that bit of silver in the buckle.

Back to Basic Black

Look #3 For this look I matched this fun furry Kangol cab hat with a pair of J Crew red Etta pumps!

Photo Sep 03, 1 05 35 PM

Look #4- I added a sailor style blazer, patent leather oxfords, and the same large frame sunnies.

Photo Sep 01, 9 13 19 PM

Look #5 – I decided to add a bit of color with this blue hat! I love wearing white year around, so an off white blazer completes the look. Then of course, for shoes, my favorite pair of classic spat booties.

Photo Sep 01, 9 21 54 PM

Look #6- For the final look, I added  a Panama hat and a double breasted blazer. For shoes and accessories: the same spat boots, silver chrome shades, and one of my favorite lapel pins to complete the look!

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Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!

Hi Everyone!!! I can officially say…spring has arrived! My favorite season living in Texas, the temperature is always perfect although short lived. So today, the hubs and I decided to shoot pics and video; taking advantage of an absolute gorgeous day.  Of course, it wouldn’t be in true Rene Berry  style without a classic black and white ensemble!  Right??? Continue reading/click for outfit details.


In this shoot, I’ve paired black Bermuda shorts with a double breasted blazer  (more styles here |  here | and a  Tuxedo shirt.  


Loafers| Forever 21 (similar affordable styles here |  here  |  here



Black Blazer ( here | here | here )



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